• Herbal Vapor Rub salve
  • Herbal Vapor Rub salve

Herbal Vapor Rub salve

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Breathe deeply!

Uplifting and refreshing, this herbal vapor rub salve, is the 1st choice for under your nose, on your chest and feet. A proprietary blend includes eucalyptus and camphor and other essential oils to promote decongestant. The salve is made from Menthol crystals super concentrated peppermint, which cools the skin and can be used for sore muscles. Some people like to use the mixture of essential oils as aroma therapy for headaches. Use it for decongestant, colds, flu, and dry itchy athlete's foot. This balm is extra thick with our beeswax and olive oil base. It's super moisturizing for cracked red noses and will stay in place for the night. We only use food quality ingredients..a favorite of children.

Paraben -Petroleum free-A natural version of Vicks.


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