About Us

Violet is an indigenous Californian, a Chumash descendant and community leader, born and living in Avila Beach, CA. She started Native Herbs and Honey co. in 2008 because Violet wanted more honey. She grew up hearing about the Apple farm, herbs and bees her grandmother kept in See canyon. What inspired the history behind the business is the love for the rich heritage of Central Coast and all the wonderful diversity it has to offer. In particular, having been born at home in See Canyon on an apple ranch, Violet has a strong connection with nature, culture and promotes a green self-sustaining life-style.

Violet's family has long been charged with the protection of the natural resources, culture and ancestors of this beautiful space we share.  Her families dedication to "doing better" has inspired her to make meaningful life changes by becoming an ambassador for the Northern Chumash people and spreading the collective indigenous knowledge of water use, environmental health and wellness to influence social reform in politics.

Alas rejuvenated by a brief change in direction, Violet and members of the community banded together to create change by running for office.  Newly elected member of the ADEM District 35 Representative Violet is able to promote social and political justice for her people and the environment by actively taking a role in local policy making. The recent disappointment in the national elections fuelled her. And efforts to promote Chumash marine Sanctuary started her involvement in politics and has pushed her into the next chapter of the story.

Violet and her family have created a vision for a teaching-learning center in the community that creates space devoid of Western doctrine.  Her expertise in teaching with native plants, healing, local culture and politics are going to come into play in the ever changing future. Violet says  Being a good ancestor and creating a future we can be proud of for the next generations is what Life is about.  Standing together with the community the Chumash people are representing the past, present and future leadership through a greater understanding of what it means to take care of our place, be good stewards and create community.  

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