Cedar Naturally Scented Soap

$ 6.00

Cedar soap is a great soap for a soap purist. Its a single scent soap comprised of two types of cedar essential oils so its both  earthy woodsy yet bright and clean. Its a blend of  atlas cedar and a cedar wood oil. Its a beautiful green and brown swirl like you would imagine a cedar tree.

This is a great man soap for the guys who you dont know what to buy. Either men or women will be happy to get a cedar soap.

Native Herbs & Honey About us,

Welcome to Los Osos' own soap factory. Take a step back in time when you enter our little workshop where we make soap, herbals & candles. When you pick up a bar of our soap you will see each one is artfully crafted as ancient traditions with oils, lye and herbs. Each bar is special and made with love and consideration for the planet.

Our locally sourced olive oil is the first thing we put into the soaps. Next they contain coconut, shea butter, cocoa butter. 

These soaps are all naturally scented with pure essential oils and we use natural pigments and clays to make fantastically beautiful herbal soaps.  Our soaps are hard bars and last months.  Many of our soaps have extra special dried herbs, sea salts, coconut milks, and spices added for decoration, smell and skin conditioning. A true representation of our wondrous world.

made in a good way.

We have sourced all our ingredients and are GMO free, Palm Oil Free, we don't use soy.