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Sage Honey

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Sage Honey is the best honey of the west.  Its a full flavored and light honey with a very clear and often water white to light gold in color.  Considered liquid gold to locals this is the preferred honey of Californians for allergies. Sage does not taste like the sage herb used for cooking. Sage honey is light floral  because sage is first and foremost a wild flower. Because bees go to all different flowers, sage honey, has pollen in it from all the local plants and is not a single floral source, but a variety. The light color and high sugar content in sage prevent it from crystallizing as fast as other honeys. Store honey in a warm location *No need to ever refrigerate raw honey.


All plastic squeeze jars listed below have pressure sensitive seals to protect from leakage. Local Raw Coastal Sage Honey From Morro Bay to Santa Barbara .